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The exhibition catalogue will be released soon: 


As a preview a short introduction: 

Follow me on a journey. But instead of jumping on a plane, it will be a journey  of rediscovery in Singapore.


The last year has been challenging and we all had to adjust what we take for granted in our modern lifestyle, including the possibility of travelling.

Instead of travelling to different cultures, I (re-)visited the traces of different cultures and religions locally.

And thanks to having been an active member of ‘Urban Sketchers Singapore’ for the last six years, it became a visual journey which I captured in drawings. Because of my professional background, architecture stayed the main focus of my ‘Singapore visual travels’. 

I must admit that I was familiar with all the visited places.

But it still turned into a rediscovery by spending a few hours there to draw them - and benefiting from conversations which started once people showed interest into the ‘sketching business’.

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